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Egypt's One Stop Shop for investment, GAFI eases the way for global investors looking to harness opportunities presented by Egypt's fast-growing domestic economy and the nation's robust competitive advantages as an export hub for Europe, the Arab world and Africa.

It also Help you to obtain all necessary National and Local approvals to facilitate a fast start-up of your operation in Egypt. Gathering representatives from 47 ministries and government agencies authorized to provide all necessary licenses and approvals required for the establishment of businesses.

​​Services Offered Through the O.S.S:

Establishment Services

​After Establishment Services:

•         Legal Services.

•         Technical Services.

•         Governmental Services.

•         Publication in Investment Gazette.

•         Tax Exemption Services.

•         Establishment Services.

One - Stop - Shop Branches:

5 branches: (Cairo "The main center" - Alexandria - Ismailia - Assiut - 10th of Ramadan City).

Authority Offices:

Investment Offices: 9 offices (Port Said - Suez - Dakahliya - Monofiya - Fayoum - Menia - Sohag - Qena - Aswan).

Representative Offices: 5 offices (Sharqeia - Gharbya - Kalyobiya - Bani Souwaif - Luxor).


•      Advice and support to help in the evaluation of Egypt as a potential investment location.

•      An efficient and professional service and a timely response to the investors' questions.

•      Through the 'One-Stop-Shop' facility, GAFI assists investors in obtaining all necessary approvals to facilitate a fast start-up of operations in Egypt.

•      GAFI assists investors in identifying suitable locations and site selection options within Egypt.

•      Through the matchmaking service, GAFI assists in identifying suitable Egyptian partners through the organization of business forums.

•      GAFI provides aftercare and dispute settlement services.​


GAFI has established "Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and SME Development" in January 2010, to support and develop Small and Medium Investments. SMEs for which GAFI has established a private-equity and venture- capital fund dedicated to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The main objective of the Growth Fund is to provide financial and know-how support to promote the growth of Egyptian SMEs. 

The target size of the fund is EGP 1 billion. The first call is anticipated to be in the amount of EGP 300 million. The fund established according to the provisions of the Capital Market Law, law 95 for the year 1992 and its executive regulations and is domiciled in Egypt.

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After Care Department

After Care

Opening new branches of GAFI' One Stop Shop in (Sohag Governorate - 6th of October City - Gamasa City "Dakahliya Governorate") during one year.

o  Increase the specialization of the Federation of the Egyptian Chambers of Commerce office in Cairo's One Stop Shop to provide new services including amendment and renewal of membership in addition to the required services during the companies' establishment phase.

In terms of Trade:

o  Issuing an import certificate valid for three years instead of stamping bills on regular basis.

o  Issuing an export certificate valid for three years instead of the annual letter.


•      In an effort to complete the array of services provided by the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones ("GAFI") to improve the investment climate, the Investors' Dispute Settlement Center was established in 2009 to settle the disputes that may arise between investors through mediation.

•      When establishing the Center's Mediation Rules, consideration was given to the most recent developments in international practice and comparative legislations, along with the recommendations of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law ("UNCITRAL").

•      Mediation is one of the alternatives to dispute resolution through courts, where a neutral person "Mediator" assists the parties in dispute in their quest for an amicable and quick settlement of their dispute in order to save their time, money and effort, without prejudicing their right to resort to litigation.

•      Since the objective of mediation is to reach an expedited solution that originates from the parties in dispute in a manner that fulfills their interests and spares them litigation's complicated, lengthy procedures and unpredictable outcomes, it is advisable to regulate mediation to ensure a degree of procedural certainty while not undermining mediation's desired goals. We found it, therefore, necessary to regulate the mediation process and the obligations of all those participating in mediation through the following rules.​​​

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