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23 Nov 2021

GAFI CEO Meets with Senior Representatives of Bahraini Business Community to Attract Bahraini Investment to Egypt

Abdel Wahab discusses the execution of new Bahraini investments with the Head of Bahraini Businessmen's Association Counselor Mohamed Abdel Wahab, GAFI CEO, received a delegation of Bahrain businessmen headed by Ahmed Bin Hindi, the Head of the Bahrain Businessmen Association, and with the participation of the presidents of 18 major Bahraini companiesinterested in investing in Egypt in various sectors, eg. agriculture; food processing; energy; health care; education; banking; financial consulting and services; printing and packaging; and real estate development in order to encourage joint cooperation between the two sides by developing a strategy and work mechanism to increase Bahraini investments in Egypt,
and open new horizons for mutual investments between the two countries. The visit is an acceptance to the invitation of GAFI CEO to the Bahraini Businessmen's Association during his promotional visit to Manama last April.
The meeting dealt with exchanging visions of enhancing cooperation in various fields of investment, by exploiting the competitive advantages of Egypt as an attractive destination for investment in the region and a gateway for investment in Africa, reviewing the investment opportunities available on the investment map, and reviewing the services provided to investors at the Investor Services Center (ISC).
Mr. Abdel Wahab reviewed the most important investment opportunities, especially the national projects implemented by the Egyptian State, which allowed Bahraini investors to know what investment opportunities are compatible with the orientation and investment plans of each company. Moreover, he stressed the importance of strengthening the  economic cooperation between the two States to increase the historical bonds between them, and for the presence of all factors of economic integration between the two countries.
GAFI CEO invited Bahraini investors to discuss investment opportunities, and to follow up on the success stories of Gulf companies operating in Egypt, which represent clear evidence of the efficiency of the business environment in Egypt, as it witnessed unprecedented developments that contributed to achieving a positive growth rate over the past year.
Mr. Abdel Wahab stressed GAFI's endeavor to attract more Bahraini investments to Egypt by intensifying communication with major Bahraini companies interested in available investment opportunities, following up on the expansion of Bahraini companies investing in Egypt, as well as introducing the business community in the Kingdom of Bahrain to the latest developments of the investment climate in Egypt.
The head of the Bahraini Businessmen Association stressed the diversity of fields available for investment to Bahraini companies, explaining the keenness of Bahraini companies to study investment opportunities in Egypt and to promote mutual investments between the investors of the two States to achieve their common interests.