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14 Jan 2020

Industrial Development launches today the second phase of lands through the electronic portal of the Industrial Investment Map

Ghazi invites investors to apply for 1705 investment opportunities in different governorates of the Republic, with a total area of 4.2 million m2.

The offered lands, with full facilities, distributed over 12 governorates, and investment opportunities include all industrial activities

The Industrial Development Authority headed by Eng. Magdy Ghazi announced today the start of selling of conditions booklet for the new industrial lands on Industrial Investment Map Portal in its second phase, for which the investor can apply online. The second phase includes the offering of 1705 full industrial plots of utilities with investment opportunities in 12 governorates, with a total area of approximately 4.2 million m2, covering all sectors of small, medium and large industries, with areas ranging from 160 m2 to 40,000 m2.

Ghazi called on all local and foreign industrial investors and entrepreneurs to visit the Industrial Investment Map Portal to view the conditions booklet and apply to available lands starting today, Tuesday, through the portal

The authority head announced for the first time the offering of industrial lands on the electronic portal of the Industrial Map last October with a total number of 2050 plots of land, and applications for them are being studied to start the allocation procedures.

The authority head said that Egypt now has an accurate, detailed and accessible electronic industrial map for the industrial investor to be able to view and deal through it from anywhere in the world, and is the only way for obtaining the industrial lands offered by the state in the industrial areas, adding that the map is the first guide for industrial lands and zones providing full data on vacant lands ready for investment in new cities and governorates and includes all industrial investment opportunities available to the investors to view all plots of land available in all governorates of the Republic covering data if activities and jurisdictions, prices, utilities status, natural resources and investment components for each region and what are the conditions and the required documents and all the information needed by the industrial investor.

Adding, the authority updates the map periodically by each new offering, updating information, adding new land plots and removing lands that were allocated in the previous stage, through a full administrative sector of specialists established in the authority, explaining that an electronic guide is available on the authority's portal to assist the investor on how to deal with the map and to submit documents online and the process of online payment. Also, employees were assigned from the authority's customer service to explain all the steps necessary to reserve a plot of land online to facilitate for the investors.

Magdi Ghazi stated that the Industrial Investment Map is the result of the combined efforts of several entities such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Investment, the Ministry of Local Development, the Ministry of Communications & IT, the Urban Communities Authority and the National Center for Planning State Land Use and other entities, under the direct supervision of the Cabinet of Ministers to come out with the necessary transparency and accuracy.

He pointed out that the second phase of offering on the map includes 1705 plots of land distributed in industrial zones in 12 governorate, where the Sadat City in Menoufia in the foreground with a total number of 934 plots with a total estimated area of 1.9 million m2 (ownership system), and then Qena Governorate with two areas; Qeft and Nag Hammadi, with a total number of 325 plots, with an area of approximately 0.5 million m2 (owernship free of charge), then the 10th of Ramadan in Elsharqia with a total of 240 plots of land, on an area of about 1.4 million m2 (ownership system), Kantara East in Ismailia with 45 plots with total area of 40,000 m2 (usufruct system), then the new Borj Al Arab in Alexandria with 38 plots with an estimated area of 124,000 m2 (ownership system), and Mahalla El Kobra in Elgharbia Governorate, with a total number of 39 plots over an area of approximately 30,000 m2 (usufruct system), then comes Port Said's North Fish Sink, C8 and C9 with 20 plots of land with a total area of 43,000 m2 (ownership system) then Dashlut in Asyut with 16 plots on 21,000 m2 (ownership free of charge), and in New Valley, the industrial zone of Al Dakhla with 15 plots over an area of about 7,000 m2 (ownership free of charge), while Katameya in Cairo has a total of 12 plotss on an area of about 18,000 m2. In Minya, the industrial zone of Matraha has 12 plots, with a total area of 12,000 m2 (ownership free of charge), and New Thebes in Luxor offers 9 plots on an area of 55,000 m2 (by ownership).

On the sectorial distribution of investment opportunities on the offered lands, the Head of the Authority stated that there are 685 investment opportunities in the field of engineering industries and 263 investment opportunities in the chemical industries, 251 building materials projects, 210 investment opportunities in the field of textile industries, 206 food projects, and finally 90 opportunities for pharmaceutical industries.

Revealing that, similar to the first phase, the opportunities available on the map will be closed after receiving a maximum of 10 applications for each opportunity, as it is withheld for technical and financial study, and within a period not exceeding 70 days, the initial result will be announced on who obtained the plots after selecting the best offers, then within 20 days plaints are studied and decided, if any, and evaluation of scores are published in full transparency, where the investor can view the results of his application and his technical and financial studies through the electronic portal, and in the case of rejecting the application, he can review the reasons for rejection by calling the Authority's Investor Service. In case the request is accepted, the investor submits the documents at the Industrial Development Authority's headquarters to complete the land allocation procedures ... explaining that the selection criterion is seriousness and the quality of the activity or product, especially those industries that cover an import gap.

The authority has stated several strict requirements for the serious investor to be chosen accurately, the most important of which is not allowing the investor to dispose of the land before 5 years of the operation of the project and the issuance of the operating license. Otherwise, the allocation will be canceled and the piece will be put back on the portal for offering. Also the allocation is canceled if the investor changes the operation activity before 3 Years have passed from the start of the operation and the change takes place with the approval of the authority. The allocation is canceled immediately in case of non-compliance with the timetable for implementing the project or if the investor is joined with new partners or any change in the shareholder structure. The authority also excludes requests from any investor who had previously been allocated a plot of land and has not demonstrated seriousness on it.

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