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27 Nov 2023

The Prime Minister witnesses the launch of the first phase of Golden License E-platform

​Written in Arabic and English languages:

The Prime Minister witnesses the launch of the first phase of Golden License E-platform

His Excellency witnesses a live demo of an Egyptian company applying on the E-platform to obtain the comprehensive approval – Golden License

Madbouly praises the launch of the new E-platform and expresses his thanks to GAFI officials for their efforts in this regard... he confirms his follow-up to complete the second phase.

Mr. Heiba: "We are working on completing the second phase of linking the rest of relative entities".

The company representative: "The application was submitted in just 10 minutes".

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, witnessed this morning, virtually, at the government HQ in the New Administrative Capital, the launch of the first phase of E-platform for the comprehensive approval – Golden License, in both Arabic and English versions. Further, his Excellency witnessed an actual demo in which an Egyptian company submitted its application to obtain a golden license via the electronic platform in a period that took about 10 minutes.

Following that, Prime Minister held a virtual meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI CEO), Hossam Heiba. The meeting was also attended by, Yasser Abbas, Deputy GAFI CEO; Dalia Al-Hawari, Deputy GAFI CEO, and Wael Al-Degheidy, the Head of the Institutional Development Sector at GAFI; Ahmed Mukhtar, the Managing Director of Hassan Allam Strategic Warehouses Company; and Mohamed Mamdouh, Hassan Allam Strategic Warehouses legal representative.

Prime Minister began the meeting by welcoming the officials of both GAFI and Hassan Allam – the company which applied for the golden license via the E-platform. He also stressed the importance of this new E-platform and its role in facilitating the procedures of applying for the golden license.

Meanwhile, GAFI launched Golden License E-platform, Phase (I), which can be accessed via the following electronic link:

Moreover, Mr. Heiba stated that the E-platform allows the investor to obtain various information and data related to the golden license, and that it enables the investor to submit the applications to obtain the comprehensive approval, and follow up on the status of such submitted applications.

In addition, GAFI CEO mentioned that while establishing the Golden License E-platform a consideration was given to provide all different services through simple and easy steps. Such steps are as follows: (1) visit the e-platform via the link, (2) Register a new account, (3) an activation code will be sent to the user’s email, (4) the account will be activated and the user can login to created profile on the E-platform, and (5) the company can submit the application and fulfill the required papers and documents.

During the meeting, Mr. Hossam Heiba presented a detailed video about the E-platform, the services it provides, and the mechanism of submitting applications through it.

After that, Mr. Heiba said: "I am honored to announce the launch of the e-platform through commencing the application procedures carried out by Hassan Allam Company for Strategic Warehouses  an Egyptian joint stock company under the provisions of Law No. 159 of 1981 through the Golden License E-platform.

During the virtual meeting, Mr. Mohamed Mamdouh, the legal representative of Hassan Allam Company for Strategic Warehouses, submitted the Company’s application to obtain the comprehensive approval via the Golden License E-platform, where he registered a new account for the company on the E-platform, then logged into the Company's profile, submitted an application, and uploaded the documents from the profile.

"The most important feature of the registration procedures on the E-platform is that the registration process can be completed within 10 minutes only", Mr. Mamdouh said.

With respect to the new company, the company’s legal representative said that “Hassan Allam Strategic Warehouses” Company was established in order to establish, manage, operate and maintain strategic warehouses, in accordance with the latest scientific and technological techniques. It was established in Medamud city in Zayniyyah Markaz in Luxor Governorate, on an area of more than 43 thousand square meters, with investments of EGP 1.5 billion worth.

GAFI CEO commented on the submission of the company’s application, noting that after submitting the application, the documents submitted by the project are assessed by the Golden License Unit, and the investor is notified either of the acceptance of the application and being sent to the ministries and authorities concerned, or of the comments on said application and sending them for assessment. Such takes place via the investor's email.

Addressing the Prime Minister, Mr. Heiba stated that GAFI pledges to complete the second phase of the E-Platform by the end of this year through completing the work of information linking and integration with all entities involved in the service, with the aim of developing and improving the E-Platform. This will be done through GAFI’s in-house capabilities of the information systems department.       

At the end of the meeting, the Prime Minister thanked GAFI staff for their efforts to launch the first phase of the Golden License E-Platform, stressing that he will follow up on completing the launch of the second phase of the E-platform in order to link it with all entities.