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About GAFI

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Vision and Message:

GAFl's vision and message is to implement stimulating investment strategies in accordance with

international best practices and in line with approved international standards in order to promote Egypt as

a promising investment destination and enhance cooperation with investment agencies in the world,

especially at the African level, as well as attract investments in areas that Egypt has a competitive

advantage. In addition to coordination and integration with various bodies and authorities at the local level

in order to provide a boosting and positive ambience for investment.

Work Pillars:

      • Promotion of attracting foreign investments and development of local investment.
      • Development of investment services and creation of a business environment.
      • Administration of free zones and development of investment zones
      • Institutional development in GAFI.
      • Entrepreneurship and support for SMEs.

Preparation of the Investment Map of the Arab Republic of Egypt so that the website of the Map

encompasses all the interests of the investor about the economy and investment in Egypt, especially the

investment opportunities available in all jurisdiction: including governorates, ministries, and economic

entities. In addition to the constant update of the Map and responding to investors' inquiries through it.