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Company Amendments Services

Crossing out partnership company's name from the commercial register

​Liquidation of Partnerships

Phase II: Crossing out Company's Name from the Commercial Register

Partnership compnay

1. A request to issue a letter effecting the final liquidation in the company’s commercial registry.
2. Minutes of meeting of all partners in which the resolution adopting the outcome of liquidation is specified.
3. An evidence to the effect that the liquidation has been published in the investment gazette and a widely circulated newspaper or by any other means within one week from the date on which it has been entered in the commercial registry of the company; this evidence must include the following:
* The name of the company followed by the phrase "under liquidation".
* The name of the liquidator, a brief on the relevant mission of the liquidator and the duration of the liquidation process.
* The date as of which the liquidator will start receiving debt claims supported by evidence to that effect, provided that such date is subsequent to the publication date by fifteen days at least.
4. An acknowledgment by the liquidator that he/she has carried out the liquidation process, and has fulfilled all company's liabilities.
5. An acknowledgment by the liquidator and the partners that they are fully liable for the liquidation process, that all company's liabilities have been fulfilled, that no other liabilities are payable by the company to partners or third parties, and that the outcome of liquidation, if any,  has been distributed throughout partners or shareholders.
6. A recent (maximum 3 months old) official copy of the commercial registry in which the company liquidation has been entered. The commercial registry must include the liquidator's name and the name of the company followed by the phrase "under liquidation".
7. An acknowledgment by the partners that they have received all their dues following liquidation.
8. A copy of the applicant's personal ID.
9. Powers of attorney made directly by all partners giving effect to liquidation.
10. A copy of the articles of incorporation and any amendments thereto, as well as the letter of phase (I) of liquidation.
11. The liquidation final account of approved by the liquidator in accordance with the Egyptian rules and standards applicable to preparing the financial statements.
12. In the event that any of the company's added objects requires that (prior) special approvals be obtained under the applicable laws, the approvals of the appropriate bodies must be submitted.
13. An evidence to effect that the liquidator notified the administrative bodies (the Tax Authority, the Social Insurances Organization and the Customs Authority) of the liquidation of the company, provided that such notice is served 120 days prior to the date on which the minutes of liquidation have been made.
14. An acknowledgment by the liquidator to the effect that the administrative bodies did not notify him of any pending liabilities on the part of the company.

​Liquidation of Partnerships - crossing out the company's name from the Commercial Register  EGP 400

​One business days from the day subsequent to the date on which the completed application has been duly received.

E-Portal , ISC

​Via the E-portal

1. Register and create your account and workspace and get the authority to deal with the company on the portal, then choose the service and provide the required documents, and we will review them.
2. Pay fees using credit cards, and sign documents electronically.
3. We will send all the modification documents to your workspace on the portal.


1. Select the service, take a number from the queue machine, and the documents will be reviewed.
2. Go to the relevant window at the General Department for Legal Affairs of Companies (Amendments Department) to have the relevant application technically reviewed, and then pay the service fees in cash at the cash desk.
3. Visit GAFI, the liquidator or attorney thereof will receive a letter addressed to the appropriate Commercial Register to cross out the commercial registry of the company.