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Investor Service Center

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The Investor Service Center (ISC) serves investors with a multitude of services ranging from company incorporation, mergers and demergers, liquidations, certifying investor documents, registering assets and more.

Its headquarters are located in Cairo and branches across Egypt are hasspread​ to facilitate investment procedures for all investors. Currently, there are service centers  strategically located close to the investment opportunities promoted on Egypt's investment map. They are also located within the lagging regions where Egypt's Investment Law extends strong incentives to promote the economic and social development of these regions. Today, there are eight service branches located in: Cairo, Alexandria, Assiut, Ismailia, 6th of October, Gamassa, 10th of Ramadan, and Sohag. 

MIIC has also launched a call center to serve investors by answering all their frequently asked questions and allowing them to connect with the respective government representative to facilitate their requests. 

Visit the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation's website to know more about the services extended at the ISC by visiting the following page: