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Limited liability companies

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General authority for investment and free zones

Procedures for establishing limited liability companies

                 "In one day"


In efforts of the general authority fot investment and free zones to promote SMEs, now establishing a Limited Liability company is easier and faster. You will be able to receive all documents of your established company in one business day and in 1 step only. Highlights of reforms introduced to further enhance the process below: 

 Certificate of non-confusion

 Name reservation process is to be issued from GAFI incorporation lawyer based on the submission of five alternative names organized in order of preference with no direct engagement with commercial registry employees..

 Single point of Payment

 All payments associated with company incorporation have been integrated into one payment that can be conducted at the incorporation lawyer using any banking card.


   A number of procedures were integrated and performed as one- procedure on behalf of the client by GAFI follow up team.  These include issuing of the commercial registration, Tax ID, VAT registration, Social security registration.  All conducted with no engagement between the investor and any of these entities. 


 All inspections needed for VAT registration were cancelled.  VAT registration certificate is issued via GAFI follow-up team with no engagement between the client and VAT employees. 

 Social insurance

 All inspections needed for social security registration were cancelled.  Social security registration number is issued via GAFI follow-up team with no engagement between the client and social security employees. 

 Company Books

 All company books previously requested by GAFI have been transformed to electronic records and authenticated by digital signature. Companies can stop using paper books.