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Youth and Innovation

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Youth and Innovation

Egypt's young and educated workforce provides investors with access to talented labour. Their passion and creativity, together with legislative support, have helped put Egypt among the top 10 countries worldwide to launch start-ups, according to Forbes in 2015.

Egypt boasts a large, young, well-trained and highly competitive labour force of around 29.1 million (more than 31% of the total Egyptian population).

With a bustling population of over 100 million, 50% of which are below the age of 30, Egypt is aggressively staking its claim as one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial hubs in the world.

Knowledge, innovation and scientific research are at the heart of Egypt's 2030 social development strategy.

This strategy also includes:

  • Carrying out legal reform to foster innovation.
  •  Adopting a comprehensive program to promote innovation and knowledge culture.
  • Comprehensive program to stimulate innovation activities by SMEs.
  • Activating PPP models to stimulate innovation.


    Fekretak Sherketak: the first initiative taken by the accelerator program Sherketak, which was financed by Egypt Ventures, an affiliate of the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation.The Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation opens a new door for entrepreneurship in Egypt. The Ministry launched "Fekretak Sherketak" which translates to "your idea is your enterprise". Fekretak Sherketak is a platform launched in July 2013 to support entrepreneurship projects in different sectors and various stages of growth. It provides comprehensive support to young entrepreneurs and startups in Egypt, increases the entrepreneurship awareness and builds the capacities of youth through a wide range of activities including trainings and workshops, one-on-one business mentorship programs, legal consultation, and a co-working space.Click here

    ISC and E-Services: A company can be incorporated under Egypt's Companies Law or Investment Law - in one day - at the Investor Service Center or online, serving investors with a multitude of services ranging from company incorporation, mergers and demergers, liquidations, certifying investor documents, registering assets and more. Our focus when developing the ISC was to make it much easier to do business in Egypt. The latest of these is the establishment of the Center which aims to reduce bureaucratic measures and offer electronic services to investors. Saving you weeks or even months of paperwork, we have launched an automated system with electronic queuing, e-signature, and you can establish your company in a few hours, maximum a day. To establish a company, you will have to go through the registration of the company itself and registration of the company name, for copyright reasons and now you can do all of this online.The new Center brings together all the agencies that an investor might need in one place, including the Real East Registration Office, the Commercial Register, the Chambers of Commerce and the Financial Regulatory Authority. Overall, it has representatives from 66 ministries and government bodies who are authorized to sign off on documents. Moreover, the center offers legal advice with a focus on startups. Any entity the investor needs to deal with to establish a company or to issue a license is available at the center.Click here

    Investment Map: Through our investment map, we are able to visually display all available investment opportunities clearly, as well as detail all information and data that local and foreign investors require.The investment map aims to relocate Egypt on the global investment map, providing a 360° view on the investment climate in Egypt. The investment map includes information on projects of all sizes, indicating how close the projects are to key facilities (transport links, schools and hospitals) and provides a platform where investors and government officials can connect. Furthermore, the map indicates where ongoing development projects are located, enabling investors to plan ahead.Click here