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​​​​Egypt's Investors Services Center (ISC), GAFI eases the way for global investors looking to harness opportunities presented by Egypt's fast-growing domestic economy and the nation's robust competitive advantages as an export hub for Europe, the Arab world and Africa.

It also Help you to obtain all necessary National and Local approvals to facilitate a fast start-up of your operation in Egypt. Gathering representatives from 47 ministries and government agencies authorized to provide all necessary licenses and approvals required for the establishment of businesses.

Main Functions:​

  1.  Facilitate the procurement of business licenses.

  2.  Offer technical advice and information to clients planning.

  3.   Introduce a transparent and reasonable fee structure.

  4.  Improve the quality and timeliness of  government related processes.​

Services offered  through the ISC :

first- Establishment Services:

Establishing companies.The kinds of established companies are the following:

1.  Joint stock companies.

2.  Limited  liability companies.

3.  partnership Limited by shares companies.

4.  Personal companies (Simple partnership / Partnership).

5.  Sole proprietorship.

Second : After establishment Services:

1.    Legal Services:

  •       Ratifying   the meeting minutes of ordinary & extraordinary general assemblies.

  •       Issuing decrees of the legal amendments in company's articles of association.

  •       Changing the legal form of  companies( merging, division ,and conversion).

  •       Closing of companies.

  •       Ratifying the board meeting minutes.

2.    Technical Services:

  •       Ratifying importing and exporting invoices.

  •       Giving recommendations to Custom duties & others.

  •       Giving recommendations to get exemptions of land contract and loans from registration fees and taxes.

3.    Governmental Services:

  •       Giving recommendation of Residence and Work Permits.

  •       Issuing   Approvals of Foreign Companies Representative Offices and  Branches (opening – modifying – closing).

  •       Giving recommendation for dependants.

  •       Issuing approval of foreign companies branches (opening – modifying – closing).

  •         Other Recommendations.

4.    Publication in The Investment Gazette:

  •        Publishing company's articles of association.
  •        Publishing the legal amendments in company's articles of association.
  •        Publishing special Decrees and ratifying copies of Investment Gazette to be ratified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

5. Tax Exemption services:

  •       Forming committees, which determine date of business start up and its executive status and ratifying its reports.

  •       Issuing certificate of tax Exemption.

The representative entities in ISC are 43 and they  are represented  in one  way of the following:

  •    Delegate Representative who is responsible of the following Tasks:

  1. ​  Performing services of their entities that are related to business licenses.

  2.   Ratifying of any required document or contract related to the affairs of his ministry.

  •    Liaison officer who is responsible of the following Tasks:
  1.   Receiving investor's requests and its related documents, and fees required for investment services.

  2.  Forward those requests to his entity and following up  its achievement.

  3. Delivering the required service to the investors at ISC.