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Investors Agents Center (IAC)

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Your way to Certification in Investment field

1- About the center

The center is the executive body tool for General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) in activating the Digital Transformational system throughout Investors Services Network (ISN) portal.

The center has been established since September 2018 upon the approval of GAFI board of directors on 12/9/2018 to activate the Digital transformational System.

2- Mission

Participating in providing all services of GAFI without any papers to be Digital Authority.

3- Vision

Using the best curriculums, programs, and methods to certify technicians who are working as a linkage between investors and GAFI. This helps GAFI to provide all its services online without any papers.

4- Tasks:

IAC's core task is to qualify and certify professionals engaged in investment fields, after they successfully pass the qualifying programs.

5- The Center's programs for qualifying investors' agents for accreditation:

 IAC has prepared an action plan encompassing four levels of small-to-big qualifying programs as follows:

  • Level One (E-incorporation Certified Delegate Program):

This program aims at qualifying participants to incorporate sole proprietorships and partnerships online as requested by investors.

Application for Enrollment in the E-incorporation Certified Delegate Program

Acknowledgment by Applicants for Certificate of successful Completion of the E-incorporation

  • Level Two (E-incorporation Certified Agent Program):

In addition to qualifying participants to e-incorporate sole proprietorships and partnerships included in Level One, this program aims at qualifying participants to incorporate corporations, including joint stock companies, limited liability companies, and partnerships limited by shares online.

Preparations have been made for the implementation of this program, and submission will be made available soon.

  • Level Three (Investors Online Certified Agent Program):

This program aims at qualifying participants to apply for and obtain all post-incorporation investment-related services provided by GAFI's various sectors such as providing approvals/licenses/permits, ratifying minutes of meetings, providing technical services, providing governmental services, conducting dispute settlement/resolution, conducting project economic evaluation …etc.

Currently, preparing for implement this program is being done.

  • Level Four (Investment Certified Expert Program):

This program aims at qualifying and certifying participants as specialists in (i) certain investment sectors such as agriculture, industry, or others; (ii) a certain investment operation framework such as Free Zones Framework or Investment Zones Framework; or (ii) a certain investment-related field such as start-ups, corporate social responsibility…etc.

These programs have been designed to assist all GAFI's specialized sectors providing investment-related services. The assistance comes in the form of well-qualified and experienced agents dealing with these sectors, which include:

  • Investment Services Sector;
  • Free Zones Affairs Sector;
  • Economic Performance Sector;
  • Business Development Sector;
  • The Central Department of the Technical Office Sector; and
  • The Central Department of Investment and Technological Zones.

When designing the previous programs, priority was given to making the programs interdependent and progressive; meaning that it is not permissible to participate in Level Two, i.e. E-incorporation Certified Agent Program, without passing Level One, i.e. E-incorporation Certified Delegate Program, and so on. Moreover, the programs have been designed to progressively cover all investment services and topics in an integrated and coherent manner.


6- Some results of the Center's activities:

In respect of the progress of the programs, on January 9, 2019, GAFI's IAC announced on GAFI's website that it is open for receiving applications for Level One (E-incorporation Certified Delegate Program). As of January 27, 2019, IAC received the applications of those who would like to participate in the program. Then, IAC processed the applications and conducted the qualifying program. The outcomes of the program can be summed up as follows:

1.     IAC provided its services to 30 rounds of level one participants. 525 participants have been qualified as e-incorporation delegates.

2.     An electronic register containing the certified e-incorporation delegates has been created on GAFI's website, as a preliminary step before creating the ISN. Once, the ISN is created, all services pertaining to the qualifying programs will be computerized and provided solely electronically. As for the electronic register, it contains, for the time being, the data of those who have been qualified as e-incorporation delegates. You can refer to that register via GAFI's website.

3.     The results relevant to the organization of the first level "E-Incorporation Certified Delegate Program" can be summarized as shown in the following table:

1.      Applicants for the program539 applicants
2.      Participants who were able to pass the program525 participants
3.      Qualifying program rounds organized30 qualification rounds
4.      Registered agents in the electronic register of e-incorporation delegates certified by GAFI462 e-incorporation certified delegates

4.     A number of investors communicated with the e-incorporation delegates qualified at the first level through the electronic register, which confirms the achievement of the initial first objective of such register; which is the ease of investors' communication with such delegates to assume and complete their business procedures on their behalf.

5.     Promotion of participants, the investors' agents qualified at the first level were geographically distributed on the "Investment Opportunities Map" available on GAFI's website. The investor, who wishes to benefit from one of these opportunities in one of the governorates, will be provided with one of these delegates who would assist such investor in obtaining investment services required to implement the project/ projects included in this opportunity.

 For more information about all the data of the investors' agents included in Investment Opportunities Map and to communicate with them, click here:           

6.     The implementation of such program contributed to the consolidation of digital transformation mindset among the participants and their awareness of the importance of changing their approach of providing investment services to their investor-clients from the traditional paper-based approach to the digital technological one.

7.     Some Egyptian entities sought to cooperate with IAC to qualify and certify a number of youth beneficiaries of services of such entities to work in the field of investment. Such entities recognized the importance of this qualification and certification in creating new job opportunities for these youth.

8.     Achievement of more communication with the investors' agents through creating thirty (30) groups on "WhatsApp" application for direct communication with all participants from the groups for which the program was implemented during the rounds organized by IAC during the last period. Such makes it easier to identify the problems and suggestions of these participants in the post-program implementation phase.

9.     Winning the Government Excellence Award for the second session 2020 within the top ten in the category of creativity and innovation (Accredited Investor Agent Initiative - October 2021).

Investors and their agents can follow all the developments about the center through its LinkedIn page available at the following link:

LinkedIn_icon.svg.pngClick here