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Egypt Vision 2030

​Egypt's 2030 vision plans to develop a competitive, balanced and diversified economy. Supporting innovation and knowledge, social justice, economic development, and the environment.

Why Egypt

Egypt is at the beginning of the reform timeframe and further devaluation of the pound is no longer expected – in fact, it is expected to strengthen – investors entering the Egyptian market today should reap higher returns on the dollar within the next 3-5 years.

News and Events


"Start Your Business"

Egypt’s fast-growing, young population of c.90 million, diverse and expanding economy and its strategic location linking the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia all make it an ideal hub for regional and global investment.

Investment Regimes

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The Free Zones
Inland Investment
Investment Zones



The Investor Service Center

The Investor Service Center (ISC) serves investors with a multitude of services ranging from company incorporation, mergers and demergers, liquidations, certifying investor documents, registering assets and more.

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