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Agriculture and Land Reclamation

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Agriculture and Land Reclamation

Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy .The sector employs about 23.8.%[i]of Egypt's employees in 2020, which is the highest economic sector share in employment.

Farming is concentrated in the fertile Nile delta where cotton is cultivated, and it is considered the highest income crop.

​The most important crops grown in Egypt, other than cotton, are fibres, sugar, forage crops, cereals, food legumes, fruits, vegetables, and livestock. 

Egypt's agriculture sector expanded into new markets in the first quarter 2020, with the country beginning to sell dates to Australia, citrus fruits to Brazil, oranges to New Zealand and potatoes to Mauritius.[ii]

Egypt is number one globe exporter of citrus fruits instead of Spain during the first quarter of 2020. Egyptian oranges have overshadowed Spain's in price and quality.[iii]

Egypt's total agricultural crop production has increased by more than 20 percent in the past decade, slightly lesser than the rate of population growth.

A high priority is to make Egypt 75% self-sufficient in wheat within the next ten years.

The 1.5 million acres mega-project aims to increase the cultivated area.

The government is seeking to dig more than 1500 new wells in western desert in order to transfer the desert to arable land.

The agricultural seasons in Egypt are divided into three seasons: the winter season, the summer season and the Nile season, as well as the permanent or annual crops whose production season are extended to a whole agricultural year such as sugar cane, fruit crops and timber.

Egypt's marine fisheries account for approximately 11 million feddans, as well as lake fisheries, which include the Manzala lakes, El-Borlos, Bardawil, Mariout, Lake Nasser and others.

Although COVID-19 has led to numerous restrictions with the country's regular consumers, but a new opportunity is now arising in Egypt represented in a renewed importance domestically and an increasing international demand for its agricultural products, after it has been enhancing the quality of its agricultural products to meet international standards for exportation purposes.


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