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Equal Opportunity

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Equal opportunities

Concept of equal opportunities:

Achieving equality between all groups of society by providing fair opportunities for all groups to participate in all economic, social and political fields without any discrimination.

Articles / clauses clarifying the principle of equal opportunity

Article 53 of the Egyptian Constitution rejects all forms of discrimination among citizens, considers it a crime punishable by law, and obliges the state to take the necessary measures to eliminate all its forms.

Sustainable Development Goal 5 is related to gender equality and is one of the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations in 2015. It states that gender equality should be achieved and all women and girls have to be empowered and that development must achieve balance between social, economic and environmental sustainability where the sustainable development goals are designed to eliminate many of the problems facing the world, including poverty and hunger, and to give women and girls equal rights and opportunities to live freely without discrimination or violence.

Sustainable Development Goal 10 is also related to achieving social justice and reducing inequality, as inequality can be a serious threat to social and political stability and may impede the achievement of comprehensive economic goals.

Egypt's Vision 2030 is based on consolidating the values of justice and equality, and in implementation of the principles of equal opportunities it came with, and the rights it guarantees to women, and in line with Egypt's Vision 2030 and its sustainable development strategy that seeks to build a just society that guarantees equal rights and opportunities for its sons and daughters for the highest degree of integration. The Egyptian state believes that stability and progress will only be achieved by ensuring the effective participation of women in all aspects of national work, and activating the plans, programs and projects included in this strategy.

The role of the General Investment Authority in supporting equal opportunities:

GAFI has established a department for social responsibility, which includes a unit under the name (equal opportunities), works to spread awareness for the concept of equal opportunities internally to promote the application of gender equality internally among male and female employees in the General Authority for Investment and externally in companies and the business community, through organizing seminars, workshops, events, various initiatives, activities and preparation of protocols with all internal and external agencies that promote and ensure the achievement of goals in accordance to the strategic direction of the state and its sustainable development needs.