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01 Sep 2021

GAFI CEO meets Dutch ambassador in Egypt

To discuss ways to increase investment cooperation between the two countries
Counselor Mohamed Abdel Wahab, GAFI CEO, held a meeting with Moritz Chatfield,
Dutch ambassador to Egypt, to discuss ways to empower and increase investment
cooperation between the two countries.
GAFI CEO stressed the depth of the Egyptian-Dutch investment relations, pointing out
that Netherlands comes in the second place as the largest investing country in Egypt.
He noted that GAFI seeks to open more prospects of cooperation with the Dutch side to
attract and encourage Dutch investments in Egypt to increase the benefit of Dutch
expertise in many vital sectors, the most important of which are agriculture, petroleum
and financial services.
On his part, the Dutch ambassador praised the economic reforms recently undertaken
by Egypt and the positive results witnessed by the Egyptian economy. In the same
context, he appreciated the role of GAFI in supporting the Dutch investments in Egypt,
which encourages the engagement of more Dutch investments.
At the end of the meeting, the two parties agreed to hold intensive bilateral meetings in
the presence of embassy representatives with major Dutch companies interested in
investment in Egypt. The meeting aims to familiarize the Dutch business communities
with the investment opportunities available in the targeted economic sectors, work to
solve any challenges facing Dutch investments in Egypt, and support them in the Dutch
investment expansions.
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