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Company Incorporation Services

Sole Proprietorship Incorporation
Which is owned by one individual and managed by himself, and receives all profits and loses, and it is established in accordance with the provisions of the Investment Law No. 72 of 2017

The capital of the Sole Proprietorship will be determined according to the desire of the owner.

1- Copies of the relevant power of attorney made by the sole proprietor, in the event that the incorporation is requested to be carried out through an attorney, in which case the original power of attorney must be submitted to be matched against the copy and must:
- include a stipulation to the effect that the attorney is entitled to carry out companies incorporation procedures
2-Clear copies of the valid personal ID of the sole proprietor (original ID may be required to be matched against the copies):
- For Egyptians, national ID card.
- For foreigners, passports.
3- Clear copies of the valid personal ID of the attorney (original ID must be submitted for matching against the copies):
- For Egyptians, ID card.
- For foreigners, passports (valid residence is a must)
4- Investor identification form for the foreign  owner must be submitted in paper format, and their copies in a compact disk (CD) format.
5- In case that the company's object requires that a (prior) special approval be obtained under the provisions of the applicable laws, the approval of the appropriate body must be submitted
6- In the event of pumping in-kind shares upon incorporation:
- A valuation report on the relevant in-kind to be prepared by professional experts, whose professions are regulated under the law and match the type(s) of the in-kind shares being valuated
7- In the event of incorporating a sole proprietorship to operate under the Free Zones System in accordance with Law No. 72 of 2017, the aforementioned required documents must be submitted, together with the following:
- In respect of public free zone(s), GAFI's approval prior to incorporation must be obtained. Such pre-incorporation approval is to be issued by the board of directors of the public free zone in which the project is to be set up

1- Entry at the Commercial Register, EGP12.5. In case the sole proprietorship has a branch, such branch must be added to the commercial registry in return for a fee of EGP 69
2- License to operate , An annual subscription of 0.002% of the capital, maximum value EGP 2,000 and minimum EGP 24 + EGP 100 as a fee of license to operate
3- A True Certified Copy of the Commercial Registry , EGP 300 per copy
4- Sole Proprietorship Incorporation Services 
* EGP 200 in the event that the capital of the sole proprietorship is equal or less than EGP 100,000; or
* EGP 500 in the event that the capital is more than EGP 100,000
One Business Day
E-portal, ISC

Incorporation via the E-portal

1. Sign up, create an account and specify your workspace. To do this, use GAFI e-portal: Then, choose the incorporation service, upload the required documents, and submit the Application required to be checked.
2. Pay the fees using a credit card, and e-sign the documents.
3. All your company's documents will be sent to your workspace on GAFI's e-portal.
- In case of encountering any problems during the e-incorporation, kindly call the hotline at 16035 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Cairo local time, or contact

Incorporation via the ISC

1. Select the service and take a number from the queue machine. The documents will be checked, and then the articles of incorporation of the company will be issued and signed electronically before payment of fees.
2. Receive the documents of your sole proprietorship"