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Company Amendments Services

Change the Legal Structure of Joint Stock Company-LLC- Partnership Limited by shares

​Change the Legal Structure of a Joint Stock Company/a Limited Liability Company/a Partnership Limited by Shares in order to be a Single Member Company

​ Joint Stock Company/Limited Liability Company/ Partnership Limited by Shares

​1. The minutes of the extraordinary general meeting whereby the legal structure of the company is approved to be changed due to the absence of the required quorum of the partners or the shareholders, as the case may be, provided that such minutes be provided by the remaining partner/shareholder in the company.

2. A copy of the articles of association of the company and any amendments thereto (if any).
3. A recent (maximum 3 months old) official copy of the commercial registry.
4. An evidence to the effect that the shareholders or the partners, as the case may be, are no longer shareholders or partners in the company.
5. GAFI Committee valuation report in respect of the net equities of the company.
6. The minutes of the extraordinary general meeting approving the said valuation report and containing the particulars of the articles of association of the new single member company, provided that such minutes be provided by the remaining shareholder/partner.
7. A bank certificate indicating that the amount of the capital increase (if any) has been fully deposited.
8. The new articles of association of the single member company.
9. A power of attorney made by the remaining partner or shareholder, as the case may be, in such a way as to allow the change of the legal structure to take effect.
10. A certificate of non-confusion of the company's name.
11. If necessary, the approval of the appropriate authorities (the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Tourism …etc.) on the company's object.
12. A copy of the deed of possession, in the event that the deed of possession has been changed.
13. The managers' acknowledgments of acceptance of appointment + their  IDs.
14. The company's legal advisor's acknowledgment of acceptance of appointment + a copy of his/her bar association card

​Changing the legal structure of a corporation in order to be a single member company EGP 400

Three business days from the day subsequent to the date on which the completed application has been duly received.

E-Portal , ISC

​Via the E-portal

1. Register and create your account and workspace and get the authority to deal with the company on the portal, then choose the service and provide the required documents, and we will review them.
2. Pay fees using credit cards, and sign documents electronically.
3. We will send all the modification documents to your workspace on the portal.


1. Select the service, take a number from the queue machine, and the documents will be reviewed. 
2. Go to the relevant window at the General Department for Legal Affairs of Companies (Amendments Department) to have the relevant application technically reviewed, and then pay the service fees in cash at the cash desk.
3. Visit GAFI to receive the documents after having been ratified.