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Company Amendments Services

Single member company mereging
Single member company mereging

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1. The company owner's decision that includes a provision to the effect that the company be merged.
2. A copy of the articles of association and any amendments thereto (if any).
3. A recent (maximum 3 months old) official copy of the commercial registry.
4. A power of attorney made directly by the company owner (whether an individual or a juridical person) in such a way as to allow the merger to take effect.
5. GAFI Committee valuation report in respect of the net equities of the company.
6. The company owner's decision approving the said valuation report.
7. A copy of all amendments made in respect of both the merging and the merged companies.

Single member company mereging  EGP 400

​Three business days from the day subsequent to the date on which the completed application has been duly received

E-Portal , ISC

​Via the E-portal

1. Register and create your account and workspace and get the authority to deal with the company on the portal, then choose the service and provide the required documents, and we will review them.
2. Pay fees using credit cards, and sign documents electronically.
3. We will send all the modification documents to your workspace on the portal.


1. Select the service, take a number from the queue machine, and the documents will be reviewed.
2. Go to the relevant window at the General Department for Legal Affairs of Companies (Amendments Department) to have the relevant application technically reviewed, and then pay the service fees in cash at the cash desk.
3. Visit GAFI to receive the documents after having been ratified.