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Company Amendments Services

Company split-up

​خدمــــة انقسام شركــــــة

انقسام شركــــــة

1. An application addressed to Head of the sector signed by the BoD chairperson or whomever delegated by the BoD chairperson to carry out the spilt-up proceedings
2. GAFI Committee valuation report on the valuation and split-up the company into two or more companies.
3. The minutes of the extraordinary general meeting of the company comprising the approval on the valuation and the split-up (the documents required in the request for the ratification of the minutes of the extraordinary general meeting must be submitted).
4. A recent (maximum 3 months old) official original of the commercial registry.
5. A copy of the applicant's personal ID.
6. A copy of all amendments issued in respect of the company.
7. A draft contract comprising the process of splitting up the company into a split company and one or more resulting companies, to which the split company's articles to be amended are attached.
Additional required documents to be submitted in particular cases: (All aforementioned documents must be submitted together with the following):
8. Change of name: 
A certificate of non-confusion of company's name to be obtained from the Commercial Register.
9. Change of object: 
If necessary, appropriate bodies approval based on the type of activity of the company (the Approval of the Central Bank of Egypt ("CBE") – the Civil Aviation Authority – the Ministry of Tourism…etc).
10. Change of Location: 
The deed of possession of project site subject to the following:
Companies founded in North and South Sinai must fill in and submit the service application form + the documents required to be furnished to Sinai Development Authority.
11. Cash Increase:
A bank certificate indicating that at least 10% has been paid in the event that there is any outstanding cash. In respect of limited liability companies, a bank certificate indicating full payment of the capital increase must be submitted.
12. A background check on foreign partners (if any).
13. In the event that any of the company's added object requires special approvals (prior approval) by the virtue of the provisions of the applicable laws, the approvals of the appropriate bodies must be submitted.

The split-up agreement and the amended articles of association.  EGP 800 
Ratification of the minutes of the extraordinary general meeting. EGP 800 per each copy
A certificate of issuance of split-up shares.  EGP 400 

2 business days from the day subsequent to the date on which the completed application, for the obtainment of a certificate of shares issuance addressed to FRA, has been duly received.  

 2 business days after the receipt of the approval on the decision licensing the split-up.

E-Portal , ISC

Via the E-portal

1. Register and create your account and workspace and get the authority to deal with the company on the portal, then choose the service and provide the required documents, and we will review them.
2. Pay fees using credit cards, and sign documents electronically.
3. We will send all the modification documents to your workspace on the portal.


1. Select the service; take a number from the queue machine , and the documents will be reviewed.
2. Go to the relevant window at the General Department for Legal Affairs of Companies (Amendments Department) to have the relevant application technically reviewed, and then pay the service fees in cash at the cash desk.
3. Visit GAFI (after the receipt of the approval of the Financial Regulatory Authority ("FRA") on the issuance of the split-up shares to receive the minutes of the extraordinary general meeting, the split-up agreement, and the amended articles) and the decision licensing the split-up as approved by GAFI. Then head to The Egyptian Bar Association to have it endorsed, then to the Real Estate Publicity Department to have it notarized, and then to the Commercial Register to have it entered into the commercial registry of the company.