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Foreign Direct Investment Reporting

Foreign direct investment reporting

​Law no (141/2019) was passed in June 31, 2019, adding clause no (14) to article no (74) of the Investment Law no (72/2017). The new clause allows the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones to request information and data needed to calculate flows and stocks of direct and indirect foreign investments, without prejudice to the considerations of national security or the right to privacy and confidentiality of information and the protection of the rights of others.

Data requested in the quarter form will be used for statistical purposes to assist in the compilation process of foreign investment statistics and will be disseminated on the aggregate level only.

All companies operating in Egypt with foreign shareholders, regardless of the incorporation authority; are required to fill in the form, except upstream exploration companies, which operate under Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs) with governmental entities.

General Information of the company

Shareholders structure and company's capital


Transactions of Foreign Shareholders and/or their Related Parties 

After filling in the quarter form, the following documents should be uploaded:

Recent Commercial Registry

Authorization from the company to data provider

ID of data provider

Financial Statement, if available

​There are no fees but Article no (91) of the Investment Law no (72/2017) imposes a fine of EGP 50,000 (only fifty thousand Egyptian pounds) on companies that abstain from filling the form.

​Companies are asked to fill in the quarter form four times a year within 45 days from the end of each quarter on March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st.


​Companies are requested to delegate a representative to create an account on GAFI's e-portal (or use a valid current account).

Choose "Foreign Direct Investment" from "E-services" list then click "Apply for Service".

Fill in the required data in the quarter foreign investment statistics form.

Guidelines for Completing Foreign Investment Statistics Quarterly Form.pdf

The delegate will upload a scanned copy of a signed and stamped authorization document from the company, along with a copy of his/her ID.

Incomplete forms can be saved and accessed from company's "workspace" on e-portal by clicking on "My Saved Documents" in order to complete and submit the form.

When completing the form for the first time, you will be asked to fill in the data for the current and the previous quarter, afterward, the data of the previous quarter will be displayed automatically and only the current quarter data will be requested. Some fields will be editable in case previous quarter data needs to be updated.

If your enterprise is a holding company, then you will have the choice to either fill in one form using the consolidated data or fill in multiple forms (one per each subsidiary) using the standalone data.