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Company Incorporation Services

Partnership Companies (General and Limited Partnerships)

​Partnerships are companies that are based on personal consideration, and this consideration is the main factor for dealing with the company, and usually consists of a few people with a certain relationship such as kinship or friendship, and trust each other in his ability and efficiency.

The number of partners can not be less than two , in addition The minimum capital is equal or more than 300000 EGP

1- Copies of the relevant powers of attorney made by all partners (original powers of attorney must be submitted for matching against the copies), in the event that the incorporation is requested to be completed through an attorney:
- The powers of attorney must include a stipulation entitling the attorney to incorporate and sign on the articles of incorporation before the notarization office at GAFI. The powers of attorney must include a stipulation entitling the attorney to incorporate and sign on the articles of incorporation before the Real Estate Registration and Notarization office at GAFI. In case the attorney is one of the partners, the power of attorney must include a provision to the effect that the attorney may enter into contracts with his personal capacity and third parties
2- Clear copies of the valid personal ID of the partners (original IDs may be required to be matched against the copies):
- For Egyptians, national ID card.
- For foreigners, passports
3- A copy of the Bar Association card of the lawyer who signs the articles of incorporation before the Bar Association; the cardholder must be at least a lawyer admitted before the Court of First Instance and the card must be valid up to date
4- Investor identification form for theforeign founders and/or partners as must be submitted in paper format, and their copies in a compact disk (CD) format.
5-Clear copies of the valid personal ID of the attorney (original ID must be submitted for matching against the copies):
- For Egyptians, ID card.
- For foreigners, passports (valid residence is a must)
6- In case that the company's object requires that a (prior) special approval be obtained under the provisions of the applicable laws, the approval of the appropriate body must be submitted
7-In the event of pumping in-kind shares upon incorporation:
- A valuation report on the relevant in-kind to be prepared by professional experts, whose professions are regulated under the law and match the type(s) of the in-kind shares being valuated
8- In the event of incorporating a partnership to operate under the Free Zones System in accordance with Law No. 72 of 2017, the aforementioned required documents must be submitted, together with the following:
- In respect of public free zone(s), GAFI's approval prior to incorporation must be obtained. Such pre-incorporation approval is to be issued by the board of directors of the public free zone in which the project is to be set up
9- In the event of incorporating a de facto partnership as a result of the death of the sole proprietor:
- A recent official copy of the commercial registry of the sole proprietorship.
- The death certificate of the sole proprietor, and the decree of distribution comprising the successors of the sole proprietor.
- In the event of minors, the court approval, permitting the minor to participate using his own inherited property in incorporating the company, in case there are minors among the successors.
- A valuation report on the tangible assets of the sole proprietorship (lands- real estate – buildings – machinery – equipment – inventory), to be certified by a technical expert specializing in the valuation of the type(s) of these assets, and to be attached to the documents evidencing ownership.
- The original minutes of meeting of all partners of a company, undergoing incorporation, including the approval on the valuation report, the distribution of the valuation outcome among the successors as per the decree of distribution, and the approval on any other data concerning the company undergoing incorporation

1-Bar Association endorsement fee ,0.01% of the issued capital, maximum EGP 25,000 and minimum EGP 250 + EGP 50 Bar Association stamp duty
2- Entry at the Commercial Register,EGP 65.5. In case the partnership has foreign partners, the fees are EGP 79.
In case the partnership has a branch, such a branch must be added to the commercial registry in return for a fee of EGP 126.75
3-License to operate, Annual subscription of 0.002% of the paid-up capital, maximum EGP 2,000 and minimum EGP 24 + EGP 200 that must be paid to obtain  a license to operate
4-A True Certified Copy of the Articles and the Certificate of Partnership, EGP 600 per copy. 

One Business Day
E-Portal , ISC

​ Incorporation via the E-portal:

1. Sign up, create an account and specify your workspace. To do this, use GAFI e-portal: Then, choose the incorporation service, upload the required documents, and submit the Application required to be checked.

2. Pay the fees using a credit card, and e-sign the documents.
3. All your company's documents will be sent to your workspace on GAFI's e-portal.  
- In case of encountering any problems during the e-incorporation, kindly call the hotline: 16035 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CLT, or contact: 

Incorporation via the ISC:

1. Select the service and take a number from the queue machine. The documents will be checked, and then the articles of incorporation of the company will be issued and signed electronically before payment of fees.
2. Sign electronically the documents giving effect to the articles of partnership and receive your partnership's documents