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Investment Zone

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Investment Zones

Investment Law No. 72 of 2017 defined the investment zone as a geographical area with specific area and borders, designated for the establishment of one or more specific specialized investment activities and other activities complementary to them, based on its development and the establishment of its infrastructure by a developer for that area. The developer is every legal person licensed to establish, manage, develop, or develop an investment zone in accordance with the provisions of this law.


The investment zones regime is considered one of the investment regimes that is based on an integrated development system in various fields to include industrial, commercial, service, logistical and other activities, by providing lands and industrial units with complete facilities through developers specialized in the field of industrial development to lift the burden of facility costs from the shoulders of The state. It achieves integrated development in various fields, through which all-necessary approvals, licenses and permits for investors within those investment zones are issued from one administrative body, which is the General Authority for Investment and free zones, with easy procedures.

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Standards for establishing investment zones

First: the position of land ownership

  •  It is not permissible to establish an investment zone on land whose ownership is not fixed or disputed.
  •  It is permissible to establish an investment zone on contracted land in any of the forms of contract stipulated in the Investment Law (purchase, lease, and usufruct).

Second: The Capital

  • The developer's issued capital must be proportional to the size of the investment costs expected to develop the investment zone.

Third: Type of company

  • The company must be established according to one of the laws regulating and valid in the Arab Republic of Egypt without being bound by the legal form, provided that priority in approval is given to companies established in accordance with the Investment Law.

Fourth: Geographical location

  • Priority will be given to approving the establishment of investment zones in the governorates most in need of development, remote areas, and the Upper Egypt region.

Fifth: The investment zone development strategy

  • The general plan targeted for establishing the zone must include a number of homogeneous or integrated projects in terms of the activities to be practiced in the investment zone, and a part of the zone may be allocated to establish various activities.
  • It is permissible to establish specialized investment zones that operate in all activities mentioned in the executive regulations of the Investment Law.
  • The investment zone is established as an integrated development project, which may include industrial, service, commercial, residential, logistical, and other complementary activities.

Sixth: the timetable for development

  •  The timetable must be proportionate to the size of the investment zone to be implemented, in light of the feasibility study submitted by the developer.



Procedures to Establish Investment Zone

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Investment Pillars 

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Advantages of Investment Zones

  • The Board of Directors of the investment zone shall develop the zone's work plan and the standards for carrying out its activity
  • The Board of Directors of the investment zone is responsible for approving projects permits to operate within the investment zone
  • The executive office of the investment zone is responsible for issuing all permits, approvals and licenses necessary to establish projects within the investment zones.
  • It is not permissible for any administrative body, other than the General Authority for Investment, to take any measures within the investment zones without the approval of GAFI
  • The Chairman of BoD of the investment zone is responsible for licensing the projects to practice their activities.
  • This license is satisfied when dealing with all state agencies without the need for registration in the industrial register.

The most important services provided within the investment zones

  •   Obtaining the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities to establish new investment zones.
  •  Approving public and private plans to establish investment zones and projects within them
  • Approving projects to work within investment zones
  • Obtaining a license to establish and manage public facilities and infrastructure
  •  Obtaining a building permit and making structural conformances
  •  Issuing a licensing decision to practice the activity (permanent / temporary)
  • Obtaining approvals for the entities concerned with the activity (civil protection / occupational safety and health / environment) and others

Success Stories

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Investment Zones for Administrative and Commercial Services

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10.png         11.jpg

Investment Zones for logistics Services


Investment Zones for Educational Services


Investment Zones for SME’s