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Investment Zone

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​​​​​​​​A geographic area with defined size and borders, allocated to conduct one or more specialized and specific investment activity and other complementing activities that will be developed by The developer.

The developer is  a legal Person licensed to conduct the establishment, management, advancement or development of an investment Zone. 

Management System of Investment Zones

investment sytem.jpg

Investment zones BOD authorities

  • Setting terms and conditions regarding:
              -Investment zones specific and general layout.
              -Issuance of industrial/ service and commercial projects licenses and other activities, besides banning or cancelling it.
              -Issuance of environmental, safety and civilian defense licenses, considering it won't go below law required conditions, and coordination with                       concerning entities.
              -Approvals for operating projects inside the investment zones.
              -Other terms or conditions relevant to the good of operation needs, conditioned by being sealed by GAFI BOD.

  • Issuance of public infrastructure operation and management licenses and other investment zones projects required licenses.

  • Facilitating procedures facing both developers and investors inside investment zones with the concerning entities, whether they are internal or external.

  • Monitoring investment zones actual status, and operating projects inside them.

Advantages of Investment Zones

  • The Board of Directors of the Investment Zone shall establish the Zone's Business Plan and set up rules and standards for practicing its activities without reference to any external parties.

  • The Board of Directors provides approvals for the all projects within the investment Zone.

  • The Executive Office shall issue all permits, approvals and licenses necessary for the establishment of projects within the investment zone.

  • No other administrative body than the General Authority for investment and free zones has the right to take any procedures toward the investment zones or its operating projects unless it is approved by GAFI Committee.

  • The Chairman of the Investment Zone Board of Directors is authorized to provide the projects with its activity license and this license is sufficient when dealing with all State agencies without having to register the project with the Industrial Register.

Most important services provided by investment zones 'executive office

  • Issuance of projects operational approvals inside the investment zones.

  • Issuance of public infrastructure establishment and management license.

  • Issuance of building license, and accomplishing structural matching.

  • Issuance of operating license (temporary/ permanent).

  • Issuance of related licenses of concerning entities as (civilian defense/  Occupational safety/ environment protection ) and other related entities

​Investment Zones Indicators

A total of 5 investment zones were built on an area of 1785 F. with 300 projects fully operated where their total capital reached LE 11 billion with labor force 59,000 workers.

Distribution of spaces allocated to areas at Operating Investment Zones


Flow of projects and labor force at Operating Investment Zones


Investment Growth for major Projects at Operating Investment Zones


Total capital of projects


Investment Zones under construction

12 new investment zones are under constructions in Cairo, Qalyubia, Sharqia, Alexandria, El Fayoum, Giza, Dakahlia and Damietta. These areas are targeting different fields of development )biotechnology, higher education, scientific research, small and medium industries in handicrafts and furniture industry). These investment Zones are expected to contribute 208,000 jobs and attract investments around 78 billion L.E.

Expected Number of Projects 

no projects.jpg

Expected Investments