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Special Economic Zones

​​​SEZONE is the first economic zone with a special nature to be established in Egypt by law 83 of 2002 for Economic zone of special nature.Mainly to utilize foreign investment, develop industries and export to earn foreign currency as well as to commit itself to the development of new and high technology industries; it is an experimental Zone for opening u​p and carrying out reform, establishing and improving the structure of the market economy in Egypt.

The development of SEZONE is intended to provide an attractive environment for medium and light industries as well as logistics services, thus enhancing economic activity in the region and creating new employment opportunities.

Location: SEZONE is located in the Suez Governorate in the Sokhna area and adjacent to the Sokhna Port near the southern entrance to the Suez Canal. The land area earmarked for the SEZONE 1st phase is approximately 20.4 km2.

Unique Location

  • Sokhna is fast becoming a new industrial hub for Egypt and the gateway of choice for Egyptian trade to and from Asia and the Middle East.
  • SEZONE strategic location offers competitive production cost and most comprehensive market access program in the MENA region and beyond.
  • SEZONE is strategically located on the main international ocean trade routes. It's adjacent to the New Port of Sokhna, the only privately managed port in Egypt, with direct access to the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, as well as being one of the best global locations for JIT transit operations, which will help in facilitating the movement of imports and exports.
  • SEZONE is 120 Km South East of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and 45 Km south of Suez city.


To become a premier international investment destination by creating a superior business environment for attracting investments to Egypt while ensuring maximum benefits to the local community that upgrades the quality of life over the coming 15 years.


Establish a state-of-the-art special economic zone in the heart of the Suez Gulf in Egypt. The  SEZONE will develop an international recognition and reputation for being a competitive business location that provides Egyptian and foreign investors with top-class infrastructure, market access, and streamlined administrative procedures.

Development Objectives

  1. Establish and develop the North West Gulf of Suez Economic Zone according to the highest International standards.
  2. Attract foreign direct investments to the Zone for the purpose of establishing industrial and service projects capable of competing with their counterparts regionally and internationally.
  3. Direct employment creation, labor skills upgrade, and income generation.
  4. Increase Egypt's share in the international trade.
  5. Increase exports, not only in terms of accelerating export growth, but export diversification as well.

Incentives and Benefits

SEZONE presents unrivaled incentives & guarantees comparing to the other economic zones in the region:

  1. 10% unified income tax in the SEZONE (versus 20% outside of SEZONE) applicable on the profit of the capital companies and on income of natural persons and on revenues derived from land and non residential buildings.
  2. 5% income tax. (versus 10% - 20% outside the SEZONE )
  3. A one-stop shop through legislation that provides the body with single-point authority over other government agencies in core areas.
  4. The Authority has a supreme committee that supervises the taxation system in SEZONE.
  5. The Authority has a special customs service under the supervision of a Supreme customs committee.
  6. Lowest cost production center in the Middle East-North Africa in many sectors.
  7. Allowing enterprises access to the domestic market, duties on sales to domestic market will be assessed on the value of imported inputs only.
  8. Access to productive skilled Egyptian labor in a number of manufacturing sectors at competitive costs.
  9. Except for those submissions laying within the jurisdiction of the Summary courts and requests to revoke administrative decisions accompanied by submissions to suspend their enforcement, the dispute shall only be referred to court after having been submitted to the Dispute Settlement Center and that the panel has rendered its decision or after 60 days from the date a motion was filed to appeal the decision and the panel did not decide the appeal.

Targeted Cluster's:

SEZONE Authority aims to develop proposed industries on a "Cluster Based Policy". This will enable specified industries to achieve more productivity, efficiency in terms of time management and operating costs, innovation through establishing R&D centers, and new business formation by filling in niches and expanding the boundaries of the cluster map. It will also improve access of local SME's to the international market and increasing their productivity.

  • Automotive Assembly and Components.
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals.
  • Construction and Building Materials.
  • Textile and Readymade Garments.
  • Agribusiness and Food Processing.
  • Home Appliances and Electronics.
  • Logistics and Warehousing.
  • Pharmaceuticals.​
For more Information:
Address : K.M. 114, Kattameya old road, Ain Sokhna, Suez - Egypt​
Tel. : +2 062 3590004/7
Fax : +2 062 3590003
E-mail: info@
Website: www.

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